Ag Aircraft Parts

Preferred has a large stock of new
airframe and agricultural dispersal system parts


Wet dry dispersal system components!*

A large stock of new Hamilton Standard prop parts!

Many new parts for your Cessna and Piper ag aircraft!

New parts for Bell, Eurocopter, Sikorsky, Aerospatial and other helicopters!

A huge stock of new Grumman Schweizer G164A/B-600 Ag Cat parts!




Please check with us for:

  • Hardware, over 12,000 P/N
  • Consumables and expendables
  • Scott and Maule tailwheel parts
  • Wheels, brakes and parts for all makes
  • Electrical system parts, lighting and repair parts of all kinds
  • Piston engine parts for Lycoming, Continental and a few P&W
  • Turbine engine parts for PT6A, Allison/Rolls Royce 250, Lycoming and more

*Notes on ag dispersal equipment

  • We have spray pumps, brakes, plumbing, spray booms, loading valves, fittings, dry spreaders and a whole lot more. Check with us often!
  • We might list these as airframe manufacturer's P/N. or under Transland, Spraying Systems or other numbers. please check both ways.
  • These parts are more difficult for us to price. Let us know if we're not competitive!
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