Warbird Aircraft Parts

Preferred has a few aircraft-specific parts, and many new components for
various systems on your warbirds. We can help keep those WW-II planes flying.
Warbird parts

Our huge stock includes: Some wheel and brake parts for WWII warbird aircraft. Check our stock!

  • Fuel drain valves
  • Engine Lord mounts
  • Static discharge wicks
  • Oxygen masks, life jackets
  • Bearings for control systems
  • Aircraft vacuum system components
  • Consumables, i.e. spark plugs, filters and moreCockpit, instrument, cabin and exterior lights, bulbs and parts for your WW2 warbird.
  • Aircraft engine parts, and accessories for Continental & Lycoming
  • Hamilton Standard blades, hubs, and thousands of part numbers of parts. Propellers
  • Electrical components of every kind. Breakers, relays, switches, connectors, - - lots of parts for those wonderful old aircraft!
  • Lighting, interior and exterior, and parts. Lots of parts for your beacons, strobes, We appreciate the old warbirds. Several of our family have flown Twin Beech's and C-47's in spraying and missionary work, and we're rebuilding a 450-Stearman for towing the family glider and other fun stuff.cockpit, and cabin lights!
  • Wheels and brakes of all manufacturers (no conversion kits), wheel bearings, Scott and Maule tailwheel parts
  • Aircraft hardware, 12,000 part numbers, 40% off! We have nuts, bolts, washers, turnbuckles, rod ends, rivets, fasteners of all kinds including Dzus and Camloc, fluid fittings and more.