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McCauley, Hartzell and Hamilton Standard propellers, blades, hubs, and parts

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Over 150 McCauley and Hartzell props in stock for your Cessna, Beechcraft and other aircraft. Free crating and economical air freight rates. Need a propeller spinner, backing plate, de-ice boot, deice slip ring or other parts for your Hartzell or McCauley prop? Check with Preferred!

Propellers? Yes, we have airplane props - - and spinner parts and deice components!


Preferred has McCauley, Hartzell, and Hamilton
Standard propeller parts for many aircraft!

Many OHC-overhauled Hartzell, McCauley, and Hamilton Standard airplane prop hubs in stock, along with the internal parts that make it all work.

McCauley, Hartzell and Hamilton Standard aircraft propeller blades galore. We have hundreds!


Aircraft Propeller Parts
We have a huge inventory of new, used, and overhauled
McCauley, Hartzell, and Hamilton Standard aircraft propellers
and governor parts, and prop de-ice components.

Please scroll down through this list and see if we have the prop you need!


Model Application** Condition Price Each
  Free crating!    
  Most constant speed props have a $500 core charge    
McCauley Props      
B2D34C11 Wassmer OHC $3,950
2A34C239 Mooney M20S OHC $3,750
2A34C241 Mooney M20R OHC $3,500 w/o de-ice
3AF36C514 Cessna 414A OHC $7,000 w/o de-ice
3GFR34C702 Beech King Air B200 OHC $7,000
3GFR34C703 Cessna Caravan 208 & 208B's OHC $17,950
ECM7250 Robin DR400/2+2 New $1,950
MGM7650 Socata Commodore New $1,500
    OHC $1,250
MGM7652 Socata Commodore, Rally 150GT New $1,500
    OHC $1,350
Hartzell Props      
HC-E4A-3D/E10477K Pilatus PC-12 (removed for upgrades) TTSN 22,809, TSO 1,937, Used $24,950
HC-I2YR-1BF Piper PA-46-350P Malibu/Mirage (add $750 for de-ice boots) OHC $5,500 w/o de-ice
  Add $1100 for de-ice boots installed on most propellers    
McCauley Blades Notes Condition Price Each
6959B-0 Two Used $2,950
80MM6 One Used $850
82NB4 One Used $795
82NB6 One Used $950
82NC-4 Many Used $900
82NC5.5 One OHC $950
82NC5.5 Many, Class A Used $800
82NC5.5 Many, Class B Used $500
82NC5.5 Many, Last Run Used $350
82NC6 Many Used $750
82NC-8 One Set of three OH, no tag $1950/Set
82NDB-4 Two Used $800
90A-8 One Used $950
90LF0 Many Used $1,250
90M8 Three Used $750
90UMB2 One Used Call
S78FBM-1.5 Two Used Call
S82NC Four Used $495
S84JF-5 Two Used Call
  Parts: Many new and used McCauley parts are listed on our inventory search  
  * These blades are sold only by the pair.    
McCauley Hubs Many OHC hubs for 2 and 3-bladed McCauleys    
    Condition Price Each
C1 One Used $500
C18 One OHC $500
C204 Two Used $750
C212 One OHC $950
C214 Two Used $650
C216 One Used $650
C30 Two Used $650
C308 One Used $695
C48 Two Used $295
C52 Three Used $350
C601 Two Used $950
C68 One Used $295
C702 One OHC $1,450
C71 One OHC $895
C71 Five Used $195
C758 One New $2,500
C81 Seven Used $950
C88 One OHC $995
C91 One Repd $950
Hartzell Blades      
7636D-2 One OHC, no tag $1,500/pair
7636D-4 One Used $1,250
7666A-2 Two Used Call
8433-4 Seven Used $950
8433-10 One Used $950
8447-12 Two Used $1,750
F65622 One Used Call
F8465-7R One Used $1,500
F8477-8R Many, quantity discount New $795
LT10282B Four Used $950
T10282B4P Two Used $2,950
V10133D-11 One New $1,450
V10133N-11 Three Used $950
V8433-8 Pair OHC $1,250
V8833N-6 One OHC $850
W10151-8R Three Used Call
Hartzell Clamps 838-10, Clamps, Three Used $295
  838-11, Clamps, Four Used $295
  838-11A, Clamps, Two Used $200
  838-112, Clamps, Two Repd Call
  838-17E, Clamps, Three Used $425
  838-2, Clamps, One Used $345
  838-23, Clamps, Six Used $625
  838-30, Clamps, Many Used $295
  838-52, Clamps, One Used Call
  838-58, Clamps, Many OHC $325
  838-58, Clamps, Many Used $195
  838-64, Clamps, One Used $295
  838-65, Clamps, Three Used $795
Hartzell Hubs      
HC-B3MN-3   Used $950
HC-B3TN-3C   OHC $1,750
HC-B3TN-3N   Used $1,750
HC-B5MP B7032A   Used Call
HC-E2YR-2RBSF   Used $995
HC-E3YR-2A   New $2,250
  Hubs/Clamps: parting out many HC-A3VK4 and HC-A2XF and VF props, have all parts  
  Hubs: PHC-C3YF-2, PHC-J3YF-2UF, HC-C3YF, HC-C3YR, and more.    
  Parts: Many new and used Hartzell parts are listed on our inventory search    
  All application information is subject to buyer's confirmation    
  Subject to prior sale, and prices subject to change without notice.    
Hamilton Standard Blades      
6101A-18 Two Used Call
6167A-15 Two Used Call
6477A-0 One Used Call
6531A-15 Six Used $295
6565A-18 Six Used Call
6615A-0 Twelve Used Call
6615A-1 Two Used Call
6615A-2 Three Used Call
6959B-0 Two Used $2,950
R-6615A-O Many Used Call
Prop Cones      
AN5007-30 Front cone New $45
AN5008-50A Rear cone New $50


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