Fixed Wing Aircraft Parts

It's true - - we have something for nearly any airplane! We have at least a few new surplus parts
for most domestic and foreign aircraft including Mooney, Partenavia, Socata, and many others.

Prompt Quotes - Big Discounts - 95% Same-Day Shipment!


In addition to specific airframe parts for many aircraft, our huge stock includes:
  • Aircraft hardware, 12,000 part numbers, 40% off! We have nuts, bolts, washers,
    turnbuckles, rod ends, rivets, fasteners, Camlocs, fluid fittings, and more.
  • Wheels, brakes and parts for all manufacturers (no conversion kits) Consumables, i.e. spark plugs, filters and more
  • Airframe and engine accessories and partsWe have some parts for Partenavia, and many other aircraft. Check with us!
  • Bearings for control systems, and wheels
  • Lighting, interior and exterior, and parts
  • Electrical components of every kind
  • Hub caps, brake master cylinders
  • Scott and Maule tailwheel parts
  • Vacuum system componentsFlying a Mooney airplane? We have a few new Mooney aircraft parts.
  • Oxygen masks, life jackets
  • Tires, tubes and batteries
  • Static discharge wicks
  • Engine Lord mounts
  • Engine accessoriesWe have a few new Socata airplane parts, plus wheels, brakes, lighting for most aircraft.
  • Fuel drain valves
  • Engine parts
  • Instruments
  • Pitot tubes
  • -----and that's only the beginning of it!