Cessna Caravan Parts

We buy and sell Cessna 208 Caravans and parts, and
operate them in our sister company, Priority Air
Charter. We also do major Caravan repairing.

Some newparts in stock and
parts from several salvaged aircraft


Here are several featured items:

We also have 

208B cargo pods "ask for Drew"

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Here are some new Caravan tools that Preferred Airparts is now a distributor of.

Cessna Caravan
Fuel Sump

Part Number - PM01251001
2’ Long
2” inside diameter
3/16” thick walls
Holds over 1 quart of fuel
before it requires dumping.



Caravan Main Landing
Gear Spring Puller

Part Number - PM01320001
Here’s the tool required to remove the Main
Gear-Spring from the Center-Spring WITHOUT
having to remove the axle fitting. It incorporates
saddles for the hydraulic jacks, reducing the
number of personnel required to operate the tool
from 3 to 2. Supplied complete with hydraulics and
all hardware in a quality shipping/storage crate.
Used in accordance with 208 maintenance manual.


Click on photo to watch it in use!

Cessna Caravan Tail Stand

Part Number - PM01251002
Here is a telescoping tail stand for a Cessna Caravan. It is made from steel, and powder coated to a red gloss for high visibility. This takes up very little room in your aircraft and is easy to use.

42” when in the collapsed position
60” when in the extended position

Cessna Caravan Tail Stand