Lycoming Crankcases

We have a nice stock of Lycoming crankcases.
Our stock is always changing
so check back often to see what's available.


Current Lycoming Crankcase stock.

Dye checked and taged, except as noted.

MFG Model Notes Price
Lycoming O-320 OHC $1950
Lycoming O-320-A2B OHC, WD, -27A $2250
Lycoming O-320-E2D Repd, -27A, WD $2450
Lycoming IO-320 -55A, WD, Repd $2650
Lycoming IO-360-A1D6 -51A, WD, Repd $3250
Lycoming TVO-435 -52, ND, Repd $950
Lycoming IO-720 Up or Down Exhaust $1950

Please dial extension 511 when inquiring about a crankcase.