Wheels, Brakes & Parts

 Cleveland, Goodyear, Goodrich, McCauley, Bendix, and other
wheels, brakes and parts for antique through late corporate
aircraft, including Scott, Maule and other tailwheel parts.

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   Aircraft Wheels & Brakes Aircraft tailwheels and parts  


    We have wheels, wheel halves, brake discs, clips, housings, pistons, o-rings, lining, and other parts covering all makes, on a wide range of aircraft.

We do not offer conversion kits
Aircraft brake disc  


  Search Hints:
  Cleveland has added digits to their part numbers. They now use three digits, and a five-digit dash number, i.e. 066-10500.
Check it both ways!
Examples: 66-15 became 066-01500
                 66-105 became 066-10500
- P/N may begin with "395", or simply "95", check it both ways
- P/N may or may not have a dash ( - ) after the 395 or 95.
Again, check it both ways.
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