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Welcome to Preferred Airparts!

There have been many transitions here at Preferred Airparts since our loss of co-owner Ken Stoltzfus Jr., who passed away on July 19, 2011 following emergency surgery for a brain tumor.

From our founding in 1982, Preferred Airparts has been a family business with a commitment to serving God through the resources He entrusted to us. Ken was an important part of helping make that happen.

In order to provide the framework for our original vision to carry into the future, Brian has brought his brother Mark, and Ken’s sons Colby and Austin, into ownership in Preferred. Mark has been managing Preferred since fall 2011, in addition to overseeing AFM Hardware, and he will continue in that lead role.

Colby is the Sales Manager and is part of our Administration team. Austin is a licensed A&P, and is managing our Preferred Fabric Division. He has his Private ticket in helicopters and both he and Colby both have their fixed wing ratings.

L to R - Colby, Austin, Brian, & Mark Stoltzfus

We'll introduce you to the folks here by the area they work in, starting with the people you deal with most directly.
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Updated: March 2017
Colby_Stoltzfus Colby Stoltzfus - Colby is the sales manager at Preferred. He does an assortment of things here along with some sales. Colby spends his spare time playing sports, hunting or just about anything outdoors.
(Sales Manager) Ext. 229
Rick Yoder - Rick has reached the 25-year mark with Preferred. He and Tammy have a family of ten including six adopted children. An avid ball player and sports fan.
(Sales, Propellers ) Ext.210

Chris Brown - You've been talking to Chris since 1995. He handles all our missionary aviation accounts. Chris and Denise have three daughters.
(Mission Projects) Ext.217

Steve Nussbaum - Steve came to Preferred in 2001 and has added propeller and seat sales to his repertoire. He and Mim have two grown children. Biking and Breyers Ice Cream are special interests of Steve's. 
(Returns, Propellers and Seats) Ext.209
Mike_Scheetz Mike Scheetz – Mike is an ’07 addition to our sales team, he will be answering the phone and doing faxes. Mike’s into cars, racing, and tractor pulls, “basically anything with a motor”. His wife Sue is a 4th grade teacher.
(Engine Parts) Ext.216

Nate Berkey- Nate joined us in 2004 after some time in law enforcement. He is one of your Engine guys along with other sales. Nate is a drummer, and he and Tara have two young children.
(Engine Parts, Returns) Ext.206



Sharol Schluep - Sharol joined our sales team after 11 years working in our inventory department. Her and husband David enjoy camping, biking, and spending time with their 5 kids and 9 grandkids.
(Sales) Ext.242

Drew Gerber - Drew is a 2013 addition to our sales team. Drew and his wife Jill have a set of twins boys keeping them busy. Making him the only salesmen to have twins. 
(Fabric, Missions, Sales, Returns) Ext. 237



Michele Speicher - Michele joined Preferred in '06, she is doing invoices and other office details. Michele and Jerry have two grown children and one grandchild, she enjoys painting.
(Part Time Administrative Assistant) Ext.201
Teresa_Nolt Teresa Nolt - Teresa joined Preferred in 1998 doing invoices and other office duties. Now having four young children she has cut back to one day a week. Her and Chad enjoy camping and traveling with the family.
(Part Time Administrative Assistant) Ext.201

Jeff Ullom - Jeff joined us in 2012 after 14 years with Walmart. He and his wife Deb have
8 grandchildren and spend much of their free time volunteering at church activities.
(HR and Special Projects) Ext.234


Shanna Rice – Before joining us, Shanna worked for a public accounting firm in Wayne County. Shanna and her husband, Tim, have a daughter together and she enjoys spending time with them when she’s not at Preferred. 
(Accounting and Administrative Assistant) Ext.202



Purchasing and Part Overhauls  
Gene_Hembree Gene Hembree - A former Navy sub mechanic, Gene worked in Parts for a Cessna distributor before joining us in '04. He and Sara have six young children. Enjoys photography and auto mechanics.
(Purchasing) Ext.224

Greg Nussbaum - An '02 recruit, Greg takes care of our Avionics and coordinates component overhauls along with general sales. He and Julie have four sons, and hunting, fly fishing and biking are among his extracurricular activities. 
(Part Overhauls and Avionics Sales) Ext.230


Richard Ford- Richard joined Preferred Airparts after twenty-four years in the Air Force. He coordinates our component overhauls as well as assisting in the purchasing department and avionic sales.
(Part Overhauls and Purchasing) Ext.239



Dale Miller - Dale started in Sales in 2000 and is now Marketing Manager. He speaks barbeque and hunting in addition to english. Dale has three young children.
(Marketing Manager) Ext.225

Adriana Cosentino – Is a recent addition to the marketing team. Before joining Preferred she studied aboard in Florence, Italy where she had an international marketing internship with a luxury handbag company and graduating from the University of Findlay. She is on a competitive Olympic Weightlifting team and enjoys spending time outdoors and with her cats.
(Marketing Assistant) Ext.252


Matt Nussbaum - Matt joined us in Marketing in '05 and now handle's our IT. He enjoys family activities with his wife and three kids in his spare time.
(IT) Ext.213


Steve_Schlabach Steve Schlabach - Steve has done nearly everything around here since he started at Preferred in 1984. He and Ruth Ann have three grown children and 5 grandchildren. Hunting and fishing are some of Steve's favorite ways to spend a day off.
(Shop Manager) Ext.219
Marc Hostetler - Mark inventories used twin Cessna parts and does general running around for us. He joined Preferred fresh out of high school in 1991. He and Lori have two young children.
(Used Inventory)
Tom_Romey Tom Romey - A veteran at Preferred, Tom knows where everything's at in Warehouse #2 and helps with our trucking. He and Sherry have three daughters, and 4H is a big part of their family experience.
(Maintenance and Used Inventory)
Jason Bash – Jason is an A&P and has found a home working in our teardown department. Jason’s into RC’s, cars, and playing bass in a worship band.
(Inventory Retrieval and Used Tear Down)
Buddy_Bevington Buddy Bevington - Buddy joined the Preferred Airparts team after a few years with our sister company Priority Air Charter. Buddy and Melissa have 3 kids.
(Building Maintenance)
Kenneth Miller - Kenneth is a 2015 addition to Preferred. He is handy with a welder and when he's not here he likes snowboarding, Hunting and Fishing.  
(Inventory Retrieval and Engine Teardown)



Art_Miller Art Miller - Art is another addition to our inventory department. When the sun is out you will find him and Chris riding his Harley or in the garden.
(Shipping and Receiving Supervisor)
Eric Matie - In Shipping since 1997, Eric packs a lot of parts for you. He also covers Receiving and core returns. Bodybuilding and power lifting are among his extracurricular activities.
(Shipping and Receiving)
Corey Chupp – Corey is a recent addition to our shipping department. He enjoys football and basketball in his free time.

Alex Weaver – After spending some time on an assembly line Alex joined our shipping team.
When he’s not here he likes to ride dirt bike, fish or work on cars! 



New Inventory  

Dan Head - Dan joined us is shipping & receiving in '05. He and Shellie have three active sons and between keeping up with them and church activities, he's a busy guy.
(New Inventory and Shipping)

Cory Smith - Cory is a recent addition to our shipping team. Cory enjoys sports and hunting when he's not packing up orders. He and wife Ashley are expecting their first child soon! 
(New Inventory)

Cory Smith
Tom_Unferdorfer Tom Unferdorfer – Tom helps out in new and used inventory. Tom and Annette have two children and he enjoys cars and RC planes.
(New and Used Inventory)

Annette Barnett – Annette came to preferred after 5yrs with Akron Brass. She has 4 Children and enjoys to cook, bake and spend time outdoors whenever she can. 
(New Inventory)

Kyle Whittenberger – After 15 years in retail management Kyle became a part of our inventory team. He and wife Erin have 2 children. When Kyles’s not at Preferred he enjoys Hiking and helping his wife with her home business Rustic Luv Décor. 
(New Inventory)

Kara Elias – Kara joined our inventory department after 10 years as a finance manager for an auto dealer. She has 3 children and enjoys spending time riding bikes with them and attending their sporting events. 
(New Inventory)



Structural Repair  
Matt_Near Matt Near - A second-generation A&P/IA, Matt is happiest when he has something broken to fix. He and Kristie invested seven years in Kenya, Africa in missionary aviation before joining us in 2004. They have three children.
(Structural Repair Supervisor) (A&P/IA) Ext.226

Kevin Landers - Kevin is a Private Pilot and joined us as a sheet metal specialist in 2000. Kevin is an A&P, IA and former president of the local EAA chapter. He and Beth have three grandchildren.
(Sheet Metal, A&P/IA)

Michael Hicks – Michael came to Preferred straight from SMAT School of Missionary Aviation Technology. When not at Preferred your likely to find Michael in the gym. 
(Structures, A&P)
Kevin Kelly - Kevin started at Preferred in early 2014 and is helping in our structures department. He enjoys playing the bass guitar and shooting his bow when he's not working.
(Structures, A&P)
Rick_Mairs Rick Mairs - Joined Preferred in 2011 helping in our structures department. When not at work Rick likes to be working on cars, or riding 4-wheeler.
(Structures, A&P)
Lisa Outland – Lisa is originally from Washington and joined us in 2015. She is now working in our structures department. When she’s not here she enjoys reading and hiking. 
(Structures, A&P)
Jeff Raymond Jeff Raymond – Jeff has joined the Preferred structures team after working in security for awhile. He's been in the Air Force Reserve for 6yrs and still proudly serves! Jeff and Ellen have 1 daughter and working on cars is something else Jeff enjoys. 
(Structures, A&P)

Lee Upp – Lee joined Preferred after serving in the Marines. Lee and his wife Hillary have a new born son and Lee enjoys Dirt biking in his free time.
(Structures, A&P)

 Lee Upp
Jamey Weidner

Jamey Weidner – Jamey joined our structures department after spending time being a welder. He and Bess have one little boy, and Jamey enjoys fabrication as a hobby.
(Structures, A&P)

Andrew Rupp – Came to preferred from Pennsylvania college of technology. He likes to compete in competitive archery and enjoys hunting, hiking and sports.
(Structures, A&P)


Mitchell Ault – joined our structure team after some time up north working on turbine engines. He and his wife, April, have a daughter together. In his free time Michael enjoys farming, four wheeling, and fixing things.
(Structures, A&P)



Adam Hile - Another second generation A&P/IA, Adam has contributed a lot to our many Cessna Caravan rebuild projects since 1996. He and Colleen have two young children, and the family enjoys camping.
Steve_Moffit Steve Moffit – After spending 21 years in Africa working with AimAir Steve has joined the Preferred Airparts family. He and Melinda have 3 daughters and rock climbing is something they enjoy together. 
(Avionics, A&P)



Jeromy Menner - Jeromy joined Preferred in 2012 helping in our structures department. He is a A&P with an engineering degree from OSU. He's just into airplanes!
(Engineering, A&P)
Renee Kontra

Renee Kontra - Renee is a recent addition to our Engineering team. She and Fiancé Bob have three daughters, one son, and two grandchildren. She enjoys crocheting or fishing when she has free time. 

Adam Sera - Adam joined Preferred part time in May 2015 while finishing his Engineering degree. As of January 2017 he became full time. Adam likes to travel and mountain biking is a hobby when he's not at Preferred! 



Paint and Composites  

Simon Stoyle - Handle's some of our painting and composite work. In his spare time you can find him in his garage playing with his two MG's. He and Elisa met while missionaries in Kenya.
(Paint & Composites)

Casey White - Casey has good hands with a paint gun and fiberglass repair. Re-joining Preferred in 2012 after a short time of working on cars. 
(Paint & Composites)



Fabric Department  

Katie Jackson - Katie is the person that sews our great fitting fabric envelopes. Katie and Cole have 1 daughter. When she's not at Preferred Katie enjoys working at home and camping with her family!   


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