Seven Reasons Why

  Many people sell aircraft parts, but here are some reasons
why "Preferred" is the choice
of wise buyers worldwide.

  • New surplus OEM parts for many aircraft, engines, props, accessories
  • Meticulous inventory control
  • Careful quality control throughout
  • All aircraft and parts are stored in modern warehousing
"Quality to protect your good reputation"
Big Discounts!
  • Up to 65% discount on new parts
"We can save you money!"
  • 85% Price quotations on your first contact
  • 95% Same-day shipment
"We can save you time"
Huge Inventory!
  • 14-Million new parts in stock for puddle jumper to jet
  • Parting out over 328 Cessna twins, 303 thru 441
  • Over 150 props in stock for Cessna twins and many others
  • Over 10,000 part numbers of piston and turbine engine parts
"We can save you effort in searching for parts!"
We Own Our Inventory!
  • With Preferred you avoid the delay and commissions of parts brokers
"It's more efficient to deal direct!"
  • Our team represents over 175 years of combined experience in aircraft parts and maintenance
"Experience to assure your satisfaction"
And finally - - Convenience!
  • It's so easy. Contact us today. Our competent and friendly sales and shipping team will soon have your parts on the way!
"Truly, we can make life easier for you"